Download Best Offline Android Games To Play Without Internet July 2017


We often like to play games and gaming on Android is always fun. But most of the Android games are online and having an internet connection all time is not possible. Online games are superb but they require a lot of data and wasting most of your data in gaming is not a good deal.

Being connected to the internet all time is not possible, and in those situation, offline Android games aplre good to kill the boredom.

Google Playstore is filled with games of all genre, daily thousand of games get uploaded there.

It’s not easy to find a good offline game as there are tons of games available but after spending hours on the Internet I have found some excellent offline Android games.

I am not including the common games like Angry Bird, Candy Crush, Subway Surfers etc, but I have listed some new interesting games after playing them.

As the game sounds, it has infinite levels, and it gets more mind sizzling on every new level. The game gets more interesting in dark mode where we have to make disconnection.

The puzzles of the game will keep you with the game till the end, and one more thing you will like about the game is that nothing is repeated. Everything is latest and to the screen first time.

Infinity Loop is rated 4.5 stars in Google Playstore.

Download Infinity Loop

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#7 Brain It On –

Offline Android Games

The another mind challenging game based on Physics but it is not boring as the Physics subject 😛

It is filled with hundreds of level, they seems to be easy but they are mind sizzling. All levels have multiple solutions and you have to earn stars to complete the level just like Cut the Rope.

Brain It On is rated 4.5 stars on Google Playstore.

It is another puzzle game but quite different from Infinity Loop. You can keep installed both the game at the same time and play then one by one.

Download Brain It On

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#8 Break Liner –

Offline Android Games

Break the line and play the game. The game doesn’t seem easy as it looks. There are 3 colors in the line, Red, Yellow and black, and don’t dare to cross the red line.

It is developed by the famous developer KetchApp who has developed the popular game Stick hero.

Break Liner is rated 4.4 stars on Google Playstore.

The space arcade is like all the space arcade games where you have to dodge and attack the other evil space crafts. If you really need something time killing, then you will surely love this game.

Download Break Liner

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#9 Jumpy Tile –

Offline Android Games

Ever played the casual Piano Tiles? Then get ready to get the same excitement and thrill in the brand new Jumpy Tile.

Up above the world so high, Jump this tile into the sky!

Use your both thumbs to play and go up as you can without touching the obstacle and beat the high score of the users across the world.

The game become more exciting when you play in multiplayer mode.

Jumpy Tile is rated 4.2 stars on Google Playstore.

Download Jumpy Tile

#10 Rope Hero –

Offline Android Games

Remember the epic Vice City game? Now get ready to get the same taste with new thrills in the Rope Hero game. This game is packed with 3D graphics, weapons, rewards and many more.

The storyline is same as the Vice city, and you have to complete missions, kill people, hijack others cars etc.

Rope Hero is rated 4.4 stars on Google Playstore.

The game will give you feel of RPG. The game is filled with stunning visual effect and amazing SFX. The stunt work and weaponry is also impressive.

Download Rope Hero

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The gameplay and the hurdle are really amazing, and I bet you’ll love it. If you’ve played the Vice City, than this game would be like a quick reboot for you.

So, these were my list on top 10 best offline Android games which I found are awesome when you are not surrounded by an internet connection.

Ending the Article –

Here, the article end and I have tried our best to compress our list on offline Android games. Having said that, this is also true that all the games which are mentioned in the list deserves a try and once you play the games, if you haven’t played the games before than, you’ll be completely amazed.

So, don’t waste time waiting and try the game yourself.

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