This Is How To Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Smartphone

When using modern day gadgets, safety should always be your top priority. With the help of just a few short codes, you can find out more about the settings of your phone and work out whether or not your messages and information are protected and whether you’re being tracked. This article shares the most useful […]

Mobile Apps To Send Anonymous Messages To Anyone

There are unlimited Smartphone apps to send unlimited text messages to anyone. This includes LINE, WhatsApp, Hike and more. Well, these are real-time apps that has made life easier and sophisticated than before. This is true that these apps reveal your identity to friends. But do you want to have fun or want to make […]

How to secure your home network from hackers

A guide to the risks that come with being online and securing your home network against hackers. Hacking still has that semi-romantic feel to it that it did back in eighties. A Wargames like fascination with being able to crack into a super secure server on your home system, complete with green text on a […]

How to Install Stock ROM using SP Flash Tool (Flash MediaTek Stock ROMs)

Today we discuss How to Install Stock ROM using SP Flash Tool. SP Flash Tool also known as Smart Phone Flash Tool is a cross-platform application is used for flashing Stock ROM, Custom recovery, and fixing the hard brick device. It’s a user-friendly tool designed for Flash Stock ROM on MediaTek devices like Coolpad, Micromax, […]

How To Build Your Own Android Messenger App Without Coding Skills

Hello and welcome everyone to Hacking-News & Tutorials in today’s tutorial we will be discussing on the topic “How To build Your own Android Messenger App”, Yes you heard it right, after following this easy tutorial you can also build your own messenger app in minutes and the best things is no programming skills required. […]

5 Killer Tricks That We Can Use From Wireshark to Hack WiFi

Wireshark has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, from capturing remote traffic to creating firewall rules based on captured packets. Read on for some more advanced tips if you want to use Wireshark like a pro. We’ve already covered basic usage of Wireshark, so be sure to read our original article for an introduction […]

How To Bypass Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, GMail or Yahoo SMS Verification ?

If you don’t want to give your phone number to a website while creating an account, DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM, because today I’m going to show you a trick that you can use to bypass SMS verification of any website/service. Are you ready for the hack? If yes,…… Let’s do this! Before jumping into […]