Download 8 Best Android Apps for Ethical Hacking

Whenever we hear the word “hack”, the first thing which comes to our mind is that someone has breached the law. In the past, a few of the techies used to hack into systems to retrieve information and misuse it. But, there has been a great amount of evolution over the years in the hacking […]

Top 6 Best QR / Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android in 2017

In this era of Digitization. Money, accessories etc. has got their digital faces along with the Hard form. As in this time of Demonetization in India, people started paying off their bills via digital money. So, these QR & Bar Code scanner apps for Android becomes very important and effective. In this article, I’m gonna […]

Android O vs Android Nougat: What Has Changed? Every Thing You Need To Know

Google’s latest update to Android has arrived in the form of an early Developer Preview, and like always, we’re excited. To no one’s surprise, the latest iteration of Android is being called Android O (Oreo? Hopefully!), and it brings with it quite a lot of changes. The Developer Preview is only available on the Nexus, […]

Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence To Spot Suicidal Users on Live Shows

This week Facebook launched artificial intelligence technology to identify users at risk of suicide and offer them support. Suicide prevention tools to help people in real time on Facebook Live. Why exactly Facebook need these kinds of tools to spot suicidal users? well, after the launch of facebook live broadcast shows we have seen multiple cases where people […]

How to Rollback to Old WhatsApp Status on Android on Rooted and non-rooted devices

WhatsApp has been adding a ton of new features off late. The recent updates have brought features like video calls, two-step verification and it recently introduced its brand new “Status” feature, which is basically identical to Instagram Stories, which in turn was a rip off of Snapchat Stories. Unlike the previous text based Status updates, […]

Judy malware infects millions of Android phones: What is it and does it affect you?

There is a new threat in the town. A malware called Judy is apparently infecting Android phones. Millions of phones are falling to it, says Check Point, a company that tracks and analyses viruses and the malware that infect smartphones. It’s quite scary actually, what Judy is and what it does and unlike many other […]

Get Unlimited Free Recharge Trick : Mcent Hack

Steps For Use Mcent Unlimited Recharge Trick: For Mobile Users: At The First Install Mcent App From Here – Mcent. Now Open App, Create New Account (Recommended). After Create New Account complete any 1 Offer or Install 1 App from Mcent Offer Page. Now Click On Share Button At Top Right. Note Down You refer […]