10 Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives For Team Viewer

Everybody is looking Team Viewer alternative because when it comes to Remote Desktop connection, it is the Best Remote Desktop Software. Team viewer is a computer software package that is used for remote control, online conferences, meetings and file transfers between other computers. Remote desktop software’s are those which are used to manage the files […]

Best Free/Paid VPN for Torrenting & Anonymous Web Surfing 2017 For Windows/MAC/Android and iOS

 There are lots of sites that are blocked by Govt. or not available in your country. But still, if you want to surf then Proxies and VPN are the best options. Like if you want to surf some blocked sites, download torrents or access some blocked streaming sites. Then VPN is the best options Other […]

10 Hidden Google Chrome Tricks And Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

  Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. Although it eats a big portion of your device RAM still, it is the fastest and simple web browser. There are many amazing features in Chrome that can’t be found on another browser. It provides fast web browsing experience and instantly specific results. Despite how […]

6 Easy Ways To Increase Google Chrome Speed

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed? As many of you know, Google Chrome is not the quickest browser out there, especially on older computers. We tell you easy ways that you can speed up Chrome to make it work faster. 1. Remove unnecessary web apps Even though web apps don’t load resources as websites do. […]

Switching from Windows to Mac: What I learned

Apple announced new Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro laptops at its event last month, as well as the launch of the latest version of OS X, Mavericks. For this PC user, it was enough to finally make the jump from Windows to Mac for the first time. Almost everyone I know slowly switched to Mac in college, but […]

Top 10 Working Best Torrent Sites Of Oct 2017 [Tested Sites]

  Torrents websites are super cool, and they are the reason people can watch movies before their television premieres. If you have downloaded any movie from internet, you must have visited a Torrent website. A revolution is created by best Torrent sites of downloading movies, games, Apps and other videos. You may even know the […]

Download Hulu App Apk for Android | Free Download Hulu App for Android

Download Hulu: Hulu is a video streaming service app that provides Premium videos from TV shows to full-length HD movies. Hulu, was one of the first innovative Web sites dedicated to expert video content. The App Provides All TV shows and Featured Full-length movies in one easy-to-navigate, so users can easily find and watch their […]