How To Hide Private Picture and Video Files in Calculator

Guys, We all have some secrets which we never share with any one. Some photos, video clip, sound-clips which are so suspicious that you don’t want to share with anyone and are afraid that no one could peek them.So here is a trick how to hide files in android using calculator from all those annoying […]

Hack any WPA2/WEP/WPA Wifi using Dumpper and Jumpstart

Step By Step Guide To Using WinPcap, Dumpper And JumpStart and Get Password: Download the Dumpper File Here (I realized this version was in Spanish and didn’t have the option to switch languages, so I found an English translated version here.) WinPcap: Download here JumpStart: Download here NOTE: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework […]

How to Set Up BitLocker Encryption on Windows

BitLocker is a tool built into Windows that lets you encrypt an entire hard drive for enhanced security. Here’s how to set it up.When TrueCrypt controversially closed up shop, they recommended their users transition away from TrueCrypt to using BitLocker or Veracrypt. BitLocker has been around in Windows long enough to be considered mature, and […]

How To Share Your iCloud Photos With Non-Apple User

Learn how to Share Your iCloud Photos with Non-Apple User with the help of two possible way one by sharing the public link and other using the Google photos that will allow you to share your album with non-apple user. So follow the below guide to proceed. Today mainly we have two operating systems for our […]

How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock With/Without Root

METHOD I Solution For Everyone With Recovery (Cwm, Twrp, Xrec,Etc…) Installed: INSTRUCTIONS: Download this zip Pattern Password Disable (Download from attachments) on to your sdcard (using your PC, as you cant get into your phone, right ) Insert the sdcard into your phone Reboot into recovery mode Flash the zip Reboot Done! Note: If You […]

5 WhatsApp Hoax/Malwares you Must Avoid Right Now

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging platform in the world for the last few years. Last year, it crossed the user base beyond one billion, and with added features, its popularity is growing further. These developments have brought the attention of cyber criminals towards the platform, and thousands of hoax are spreading in the environment, […]

What is DNS Cache Poisoning?

DNS cache poisoning, also known as DNS spoofing, is a type of attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the domain name system (DNS) to divert Internet traffic away from legitimate servers and towards fake ones. One of the reasons DNS poisoning is so dangerous is because it can spread from DNS server to DNS server. In […]