How to Remove shortcut virus permanently from PC, Pendrive and Laptop Computer

How to remove shortcut virus permanently ? People keeps on asking this question to me and it’s common, everyone who uses computer must have face this Shortcut virus issue. And for general people find it very difficult to remove shortcut virus. Or if somehow they manage to remove it it comes again. So we need […]

How To Play A Welcome Voice Message On Every Startup In Windows 10/7/8

Earlier Microsoft Windows versions, mainly before Windows 8, has a special startup sound. Later, Microsoft started to slowly roll out startup tones. If you have noticed Windows 10 doesn’t have any startup tone enabled by default. I recently read about a method which allows you to add a custom welcome message to Windows. So, every […]

Top 37 Powerfull Penetration Testing Tools To Become a Hacker For Windows And Linux

Wouldn’t it be fun if a company hired you to hack its website/ network/ Server? Well, Yeah!!! Penetration testing, commonly called as pen-testing is a on a roll in the testing circle these days. The reason is not hard to guess – with the change in the way computer systems are used and built, security […]

How To Improve Your Typing Speed and Accuracy [Best Sites]

We are going to share some valuable websites that will help you to improve your typing speed and skills, Go through the article to know how to improve typing speed online. This is computer world and today every work is based on the computer and good typing speed and skills are extremely needed. Without this, you can’t work […]

How to Prevent Strangers from Sending Friend Request on Facebook

Friend requests in Facebook can be really annoying for unmarried females, especially if the privacy setting of their photo albums is set to “public”. You want to avoid friend requests from unknown people on Facebook, but wouldn’t it be wise to prevent them from sending these friend requests in the first place? Consider this. On […]

How To Adjust Computer Brightness Automatically Based On Time Of The Day

As we all know that most of the youngsters use their computers or laptops at night. If you are one of them who tend to use the computer until late night, then your eyes may go rough, and you will end up suffering eye-related disease. So it’s always better to adjust them according to the […]

How to Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone

Instagram is a well-liked image sharing platform that is getting used by over 300 million individuals from across the globe. Nowadays, Instagram has more astounding features compared to initial one. For instance, you can now upload any size of photo, which was merely square in the very first days. Subsequently, this is also actually possible […]