How to Hide Any Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt?

Тоdау i will write a  tutоrіаl tо Hide Drives with CMD wіthout any thіrd раrtу расkаgе. Тhеrе аrеа sеvеrаl frее аnd duе sоftwаrе’s ассеssіblе tо hide local  drіvеs, hоwеvеr і аm nоt gоnnа mеntіоn to hіdе а local drіvе еmрlоуіng а расkаgе. In  thіs tutоrіаl і wіll shоw уоu an еаsіеst mеthоd tо hide nаtіvе drіvе […]

Why Your Biggest Vulnerability Isn’t in Your IT Department:

The Biggest Risk The biggest risk for any organization getting hacked is neither the firewall nor the server. It is another problem altogether: Social Engineering. Social engineering is when employees inadvertently (or out of malice) give cyber thieves sensitive corporate or client information. The problem with most businesses and IT departments is while they may […]

You Need To Visit These 20 Websites If You Want To Learn New Skills

Are you still trying to think of a clever goal to work toward this year? How about challenging yourself to learn a new skill? Or even better, several! Just imagine, by the end of the year you could be coding your own website, conversing in Mandarin, networking with ease, publishing your first book, or properly […]

Mobile Apps To Send Anonymous Messages To Anyone

There are unlimited Smartphone apps to send unlimited text messages to anyone. This includes LINE, WhatsApp, Hike and more. Well, these are real-time apps that has made life easier and sophisticated than before. This is true that these apps reveal your identity to friends. But do you want to have fun or want to make […]

How to secure your home network from hackers

A guide to the risks that come with being online and securing your home network against hackers. Hacking still has that semi-romantic feel to it that it did back in eighties. A Wargames like fascination with being able to crack into a super secure server on your home system, complete with green text on a […]

How To Run High-End Games Without Graphics Card

We are going to share an interesting trick on how to run your favourite games without Graphics Card. This post is going to be very helpful if you don’t have the graphics card installed on your computer. My tutorial on how to run games without graphics card is here. Applying this tutorial you will able to […]

How to make a portable apps USB stick

First of all, what is a portable application.  It’s simple.  Normal application usually install files in default folders such as Program Files, add key in windows registry and create automatically shortcuts.  A portable application is a bit different.  In my own words, it’s an application you don’t need to install before running it, you can […]