How To Get On Screen Navigation Buttons In Pie Style On Any Android

On screen, floating menus and options have become very much popular in the smartphone devices. So, in the below guide we will be guiding you to get on screen navigation buttons in Pie Style. The messages and notifications can be also received through these methods directly on the screen even if you are running any […]

How To Hide Any Drive Easily In Windows Using CMD

NOTE: Using command prompt in Windows, you can easily hide/unhide any drive just like we hide folders and files. Windows labels each volume with a letter in its internal system and if we manipulate the letters assigned to a data volume, we can easily hide any drive on Windows. On our personal computer or a […]

How to Secure Your Computer By Blocking Dangerous IP Addresses Automatically

Securing your computer or any digital device is an essential thing today. You have to protect your personal and professional information from hackers and other malicious users. In many ways you can protect your system such as using Antivirus products, Anti-Malware products and other security tools. However, If you are using internet to browse sites […]

Download Hacking: The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Computer Hacking and Penetration Testing

Cyber crime is the biggest threat that every organization on the planet faces today! And it’s not just the organizations that are vulnerable. People too are at risk of being targeted by hackers. Inside this book we aim to show you the importance of staying on top of this threat by learning how to hack. […]

How To Find Great Games For Your Low-Power PC or Laptop

Here is the cool guide to Find Great Games for Your Low-Power PC or Laptop that will run smoothly on your device without any lag. So have a look on all these methods discussed below to proceed. In nowadays the games for PC are made with lots of graphic rich structures that requires extreme power and processing […]

How To Find Any Saved WiFi Passwords On Android

  WiFi is the fastest medium for accessing the internet but not always free. WiFi is easily available, and the mobile data charges are increasing day by day, becoming affordable, and affordability is a factor in which WiFi is relevant as compared to mobile data and it is also very fast. But, the most annoying […]

Kingroot Apk Download For Android – What is Kingroot and how to use

The most used operating system in the world for smartphones is the Android system, and with a large number of devices such as mobile or tablets that use Android, you can use the best robotic that exists at the moment, which is none other than Kingroot. To Root Android phone, you only have to download […]