How to hack any android device remotly using kali linux

Hello everyone! Today we are back with an awesome tutorial on Hacking Android devices to Control them Remotely. There are,in fact, no user-friendly softwares out there that can simply hack any Android device on the go and retrieve the desired information. So, in order to achieve this we are going to take the coding way(though […]

Is Your FTP Server Waiting for a Hacker?

The FBI recently warned that hackers are aggressively targeting insecure file transfer protocol servers to steal medical data from healthcare organizations. It came as little surprise to those who have been closely watching how thieves capitalize on configuration mistakes in databases and servers. While it would be difficult to find an IT manager who hasn’t […]

How To Wirelessly Transfer Photos From iPhone To Windows 10 PC

What if you want to transfer photos wirelessly from the iPhone to the PC Windows 10? For example, you might want to transfer a bunch of photos from your iPhone to your friend’s PC or your own PC when the USB cable is not there..These popular backup solutions require you to connect your iPhone to […]

How to enable night/dark mode for YouTube

Yes you heard it right, after applying this super simple trick you can enjoy Youtube dark mode.  Youtube Dark Mode makes it easier for the eyes when watching videos for long periods of time. The tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic android computer knowledge can do this very easily, do ask your […]

11-Year-Old Cyber Kid Stuns Experts Showing Toys Can be ‘weaponized’

The International One Conference 2017, an event about cybersecurity organized by the National Center for National Cybersecurity of the Netherlands (NSNC) only a few days ago with Reuben Paul. This 11-year-old boy, founder, and CEO of CyberShaolin, demonstrated to the audience how he managed to hack a simple teddy bear connected to the internet. An […]

4 methods to hack group admin of whatsapp

Just a simple instructions to specifically change whatsapp group admin. Method 1: This will change every group, account info and settings. Your old number will no longer become admin. 1. open whatsapp 2. go to settings (whatsapp setting) 3. go to account 4. go to change number (if you did not see this, you are […]

Warning! This Malware Is More Powerful Than WannaCry

EternalRocks is the new and powerful virus that has just been discovered by Croatian cybersecurity expert Miroslav Stampar, who claims to be more powerful than WannaCry, the ransomware that infected computers in more than 150 countries in mid-May. This new worm contains at least seven “exploits” that supposedly would come from the US National Security […]