Hack any WPA2/WEP/WPA Wifi using Dumpper and Jumpstart

Step By Step Guide To Using WinPcap, Dumpper And JumpStart and Get Password: Download the Dumpper File Here (I realized this version was in Spanish and didn’t have the option to switch languages, so I found an English translated version here.) WinPcap: Download here JumpStart: Download here NOTE: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework […]

The Password Facts that Hackers Don’t Want you to Know

If there’s one thing that makes us so vulnerable in this highly connected, digital age, it’s ignorance. Sadly, many of us are ignorant about the thing we rely on most for securing our confidential secrets – our password. Our lack of understanding about passwords is allowing crooks to spy on us, steal from us, and […]

18-Year-Old High School Dropout Becomes A Millionaire By Selling Bitcoin Know How

We all know that investing in bitcoins is very volatile and risky. However, sometimes risk like this can do lots of favor. You will be shocked to know that 18-year-old, Erik Finman who is a high school dropout from Idaho, U.S, is a Bitcoin millionaire. 18-Year-Old High School Dropout Becomes A Millionaire By Selling Bitcoin […]

5 WhatsApp Hoax/Malwares you Must Avoid Right Now

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging platform in the world for the last few years. Last year, it crossed the user base beyond one billion, and with added features, its popularity is growing further. These developments have brought the attention of cyber criminals towards the platform, and thousands of hoax are spreading in the environment, […]

What is DNS Cache Poisoning?

DNS cache poisoning, also known as DNS spoofing, is a type of attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the domain name system (DNS) to divert Internet traffic away from legitimate servers and towards fake ones. One of the reasons DNS poisoning is so dangerous is because it can spread from DNS server to DNS server. In […]

Android O’s Final Name Have Just Been Uncovered

We all know that recently, Google launched the developer preview images of Android O. Well, earlier it was hinted by many that the new operating system will have the name “Oreo”, but now the current leaks showing a different story. Android O’s Final Name Have Just Been Uncovered Each year the tech giant Google releases […]

How to Make Your Own Windows Registry Hacks

Over the years, we’ve created many Registry hacks to customize and tweak your Windows computer. Today we’re going to give you the keys to making your own registry hack files that you can use on any computer. Before we go further, it’s worth noting that even reading this article and thinking about the registry will […]