Top 10 tips for securing your Android Phone @ 2017

How secure is your data on that Android smartphone? On a scale of “Alcatraz” to “open field of flowers,” where does yours rank? If you’re truly concerned about the security of your mobile device (which you should be), you know there are always steps to take to further clamp it down. Because some of these […]

Top 15 Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Smartphone’s stock keyboard is never quick enough, never autocorrect accurately and frequently lead to disappointment. As we all know Keyboards are important, and today we are going to describe ten best keyboard apps that will ultimately change your typing experience. Android is getting more popularity due to its customization. Smartphone’s stock keyboard is never quick […]

WannaCry Ransomware Mastermind Is More Likely From China!

Well, no-one knows who are the mastermind behind this ransomware. Recent research from security firm Flashpoint points a hint towards a Chinese connection. The security firm had described its linguistic analysis of the ransom notes. WannaCry Ransomware Mastermind Is More Likely From China! Earlier this year the hacking group ‘The Shadow Brokers’ chose to give […]

Ten great gifts for the hacker in your life

Give gifts this holiday season that inspire your favorite hackers to make something great. Our ten top picks for gifts to make ’em smile are perfect for hackers of all styles, ages and interests. Holiday gift guides always struggle when faced with nailing down a list for hackers — that’s because hackers are as diverse […]

Download Hacking the Hacker: Learn From the Experts Who Take Down Hackers

Meet the world’s top ethical hackers and explore the tools of the trade Takes you inside the world of cyber security to show you what goes on behind the scenes, and introduces you to the men and women on the front lines of this technological arms race. Twenty-six of the world’s top white hat hackers, […]

12 Best (Unbeatable) Notepad Tricks (Codes & Hacks)

We are back with the best notepad tricks. You might wonder that how this is possible? Well, this is true and you can able to use notepad and do trick with your friends. There is a programming language which uses to make notepad tricks. However, if you don’t know the programming language then don’t worry […]

Top 10 of the World’s Most Famous Hackers & What Happened to Them

Not all hackers are bad. The good ones are called “white-hat hackers” and use hacking to improve computer security. The ones who are just having fun are called “gray-hat hackers.” But the malicious kind you’re thinking of? They’re called “black-hat hackers.” And they can cause a lot of harm, as history has shown. Here are […]