What is DNS Cache Poisoning?

DNS cache poisoning, also known as DNS spoofing, is a type of attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the domain name system (DNS) to divert Internet traffic away from legitimate servers and towards fake ones. One of the reasons DNS poisoning is so dangerous is because it can spread from DNS server to DNS server. In […]

How to See What Others Are Browsing Over Your WiFi

See What Others Are Browsing on Your WiFi So you want to know what others are browsing on your network. But why? Well, there are few practical reasons. Like– You are a parent and wants to monitor your children activity on the internet You are sharing WiFi with your neighbors and would like to know if they […]

How To Hack Wifi – WPA & WPA2 Network In Kali Linux Using airodump-ng and aircrack

THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES DONE BY VISITORS, THIS IS FOR ETHICAL PURPOSE ONLY It is very easy to hack WEP password but very difficult to hack WPA OR WPA2, so now I will explain how to hack WPA & WPA2 passwords easily in Linux based […]

Apple users may soon be able to charge their iPhones with a Wi-Fi router

US tech giant Apple is experimenting with wireless charging technologies that could see users charge their iPhones with a Wi-Fi router. “Apple’s patent application for ‘Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas’ is a method for transferring power to electronic devices over frequencies normally dedicated to data communications,” appleinsider.com reported on Friday. The […]

What to Do When You Forget Your Wi-Fi Password

You may have misplaced a Wi-Fi password, but your laptop probably remembers it if you’ve connected in the past. If not, you can always grab the password from your router itself or reset the Wi-Fi passphrase and set a new one. These tricks allow you to recover the passphrase to any network you’ve connected to […]

Choosing a Wireless Adapter for Hacking

Wireless Hacking Requirements When it comes to Wi-Fi, the question I probably get asked most often is, “Which wireless adapter is best for hacking?” Well, let’s find out. #1. Good Wi-Fi Hacking Software Before we address the hardware necessary to hack wireless networks, let me once again recommend the Aircrack-ng suite of hacking tools. Nothing […]

What Is The Difference Between 2.4GHz, 5GHz, And 60GHz Bands Used For Wireless Networks?

Short : The WiFi technology mainly uses three radio frequency bands, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 60GHz to establish connections with various devices. The 2.4GHz band can provide higher range, but the 5GHz band offers higher network bandwidth. The 60GHz even higher speeds but offers lesser range.Almost every WiFi-certified device you have connects to your wireless router […]