How to Encrypt Your Keyboard and Avoid Keylogger Attacks

Cyber crime happens in many ways. Everyday, we do see about cyber crime news over the internet somewhere in the news or blogs. In this article, I’m going to discuss something related to cyber crime. As I’ve already mentioned, cyber crimes happens in many ways, it could be major or minor ones.

So in today’s article lets have a look on minor level cyber crime which can happen through your computer with a simple tool. Have you ever heard about the work ‘keylogger’. This is a type of hacking method where a tool can track whatever the usernames and passwords you type in your computer to login any sites and send them to a third party.

For example, if this tool has been installed into your system and you’re logging into your online bank account as usual by going to the site and enter username/ password. In such a situation all your bank account details including login username and password will be sent to a third party person through this tool. Yes..! Keylogger tool captures whatever you type in your computer to access any sites or whatever you type in chat messages and send all those details to the particular third party person.

Mostly this kind of a tool is un-detectable in computers even if they installed. Some of antivirus tools are smart enough to catch this and alert you but most of the non-updated antiviruses cannot detect this type of tool. Also some types of keylogger tool comes with few crack software we do use in our computer. So keylogger is always a big headache. Let’s have a look on how to protect our computer and online account logins from keylogger.

To protect our self from this type of attacks we can encrypt the keyboard. Which means, if our keyboard is encrypted and if we type a word ‘apple’ it will detect as something slimier to this ’12f4d’ in encrypted keystrokes. So whatever we type, system will detect it in encrypted keystrokes.

How to Encrypt Your Keyboard?

There are many keyboard encrypt software available on the internet. But here we introduce the best one.

First of all download the keyscrambler tool to your computer and install it.Once you finish the installation process, you have to reboot your system once.


Now go to system stay and you will find the icon of installed tool. Right click on it.

Select option and you will see a screen which is similar to the one shown below.

Now you can adjust the setting as per your requirement and click on OK button.

That’s it. Your encrypted keyboard is ready to use. Now open any browser and login to any of your online account such as Facebook or twitter and you will see that the keys are being encrypted at top of the browser screen.

So this is one of easiest way to encrypt your entire keyboard in computer and protect yourself from keylogger attack. You can download Keyscrambler tool by Clicking here.We highly recommend you to install this software in your computer to protect all your online accounts or personal chats from being stolen by any keylogger software.

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