How can I use two WhatsApp accounts with the same number on different devices?

One of the downsides of WhatsApp is that it every WhatsApp account is associated with a single phone number making its use limited to one phone at a time. Because the WhatsApp app on your phone periodically checks for an active phone number and if it doesn’t find a match, it will prompt you to re-verify to use it again. Therefore, multi-phone use of the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones usually doesn’t work. But there is a simple workaround.

Even though it is not the most elegant of solutions, it works. And it only needs an active internet connection on the second phone and functions even without a SIM card.

Stratagies to run one Whatsapp account on two or more mobiles

To use one whatsapp account on a different device, you have two alternatives. One is to use Whatsapp web version.The another method to use whatsapp Desktop app for Windows PC or Mac OS. Both methods will let you use your account on desktop/laptop/tablet running on Windows OS or Mac OS. Till now, there is no other way to use one account of whatsapp on different phones without activating the second account. If you try to switch your account frequently to use one account on multiple devices simultaneously, Your account will be blocked. Henceforth, you cannot use your whatsapp account again. I will tell you some tricks to open the same whatsapp account on different device without rooting. You can run different whatsapp accounts on same android phone using Parallel Space apk. You can also now pin favorite whatsapp chat with update.

Stratagy#1: using Whatsapp Web version on Second android/iOS Smartphone

You need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser or any other browser that provides desktop environment on mobiles. This method don’t require rooting your android phone or jailbreaking your iOS based iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You can run second instance of whatsapp on another device using web version.

  • Ensure that you have an active whatsapp account on Android/iOS gadget, say Device1.
  • On Device2, open Google Chrome or any other browser with in-built “Request Desktop version” feature. You can experience Vivaldi browser for your Desktop.
  • Visit on Device2, on which you want to run second instance of whatsapp account
  • Sometimes, you are redirected to Don’t worry.
  • Enable the Request Desktop Site feature to start using the same whatsapp account on different Android/iPhone.
  • Then, your browser on Device2 will reload to direct you to You can able to see a QR Code on the page
  • Note: If you face 5xx Server error or other probem to access web whatsapp page, try to open the page in a different browser. If you can’t find QR code to scan on the webpage
  • On Device1, open your Whatsapp application. You need to verify Device2 from Device1, to use the same whatsapp account on different device. You cannot proceed further without Whatsapp verification.
  • In your Whatsapp application on Device1, Go to Chats Tab and tap on the three dots icon on top right hand side of the screen. Then select Whatsapp Web option. Later, tap on + icon to add new whatsapp web account.
  • You can see a screen on Device1 to scan a QR code. Now, using Device1, scan the QR code of page of Device2 browser.
  • Tada! You can now access your same whatsapp account on different smartphone simultaneously.
  • Make sure that your Device1 is always connected to internet to use the whatsapp web version of it on Device2. Otherwise, you cannot use the same whatsapp account on second device.

Stratagy#2: Activate same Whatsapp account using MI Mover app

This Method is exclusively for Xiaomi smartphone users. You can use a single whatsapp account to work on two different smartphones simultaneously. This technique is tested on Xiaomi RedMi Note 3. We hope that, this whatsapp technique to verify the same account will work on Xiaomi RedMi series as well as Xiaomi Mi Series too. Once you activate the account, you can use the two accounts simultaneously without rooting your android device. Mi Mover comes as in-built app for Xiaomi Phones. Even though, Mi Mover can be downloaded from Google Playstore or iOS appstore, this trick to use same whatsapp account on different phone will not work. Mi Mover is an integrated app of Xiaomi to move app data from one Xiaomi phone to other. This method don’t require rooting your phone. We need to test if it works with Snapchat too.

Update: Xiaomi users who tried this technique on their Xiaomi Smartphones, says that, they can only able to send messages from same whatsapp account on two Xiaomi devices. But, able to receive the whatsapp messages only on device, where the sim of original whatsapp account is present.

  • You need to have two Xiaomi based smartphones with Lollipop/marshmallow OS.
  • Let the Xiaomi with active whatsapp account be Xiaomi1 and the other, Xiaomi2. Follow the below steps to set up one whatsapp account on two different Xiaomi Smartphones.
  • Go to System Settings :> Additional Settings :> MI Mover on Xiaomi1 as well as Xiaomi2
  • Choose the first Xiaomi as sender and Xiaomi2 as receiver
  • A QR code to activate the same whatsapp account of Xiaomi1 on Xiaomi2 is generated on Xiaomi2. This is a secure way to transfer any app and its data between two different xiaomi devices. Choose Xiaomi1 as sender and Xiaomi2 as receiver.
  • Using first Xiaomi, scan the QR code on second Xiaomi. Then both the android smartphones connect with each other using a common hot-spot.
  • Now, you can select the whatsapp app and data to be sent to the second phone.
  • Done! Now you can see that the same whatsapp account is activated on different device without rooting android phone.
  • Mi Mover app can also be used to transfer any other android app between two devices.

This Mi Mover technique can be very dangerous, if your Xiaomi is in wrong hands. So. make sure that you use app locker like apps to protect your Whatsapp PrivacyThis whatsapp trick can be used to install the same whatsapp account on different smartphone without android rooting. Very soon, they can release an update to check-mate this security issue of Xiaomi.

Stratagy#3: Mac Spoofing Technique or Rooting trick (not recommended)

I strongly oppose this method to use one whatsapp account on different phones. Usually, Whatsapp uses mac address of the device to check for the authencity of the account. However, apps like Parallel Space Multi accounts app , Bluestacks or Youwave create virtual environments. This method involves manipulating your Android/iOS device MAC address using some apps like Mac Spoofer. You try to change the MAC address of second device to that of first device on which whatsapp is already activated. I don’t prefer this method to verify the same whatsapp account on multiple devices. This technique is for experts and may involve damage to your android/iPhone gadget.

You can check the above three methods to use same whatsapp account on two or more devices. I remind once again that there is no official way to use multiple whatsapp accounts on multiple gadgets. You can do free voice calling, messaging, file sharing using the present version of whatsapp. Video calling feature is expected to appear in the next version of whatsapp.

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