How do Hackers Hijack ATM Network Cables

When you have ever walked as much as an ATM to withdraw money only to make a decision against it after noticing a mobilephone or ethernet cord snaking from in the back of the computing device to a jack in the wall, your paranoia may not were misplaced: ATM maker NCR is warning about skimming assaults that involve keypad overlays, hidden cameras and skimming contraptions plugged into the ATM community cables to intercept patron card knowledge.

Two network cable card skimming
devices, as found attached to this ATM.

In an alert sent to customers Feb. Eight, NCR said it received dependable stories of NCR and Diebold ATMs being attacked through using external skimming devices that hijack the cash computing device’s mobilephone or web jack.

“These devices are plugged into the ATM community cables and intercept purchaser card data. Additional gadgets are connected to the ATM to capture the PIN,” NCR warned. “A keyboard overlay was once used to assault an NCR ATM, a hid digicam was once used on the Diebold ATM. PIN information is then doubtless transmitted wirelessly to the skimming device.”

The ATM maker believes these assaults signify a continuation of the pattern where criminals are finding replacement methods to skim magnetic strip cards. Such substitute approaches restrict putting the skimmer on the ATM card entry bezel, which is the place most anti-skimming technology is located.

NCR mentioned money machine operators have got to remember all aspects the place card data is also accessible — additionally to the traditional point of vulnerability on the card entry bezel — and that having ATM community communications cables and connections exposed in publicly accessible areas most effective invitations difficulty.

A closer look at the two network cable card skimming devices that were attached to the stand-alone ATM pictured at the top of this story.

If something doesn’t look right about an ATM, don’t use it and move on to the next one. It’s not worth the hassle and risk associated with having your checking account emptied of cash. Also, it’s best to favor ATMs that are installed inside of a building or wall as opposed to free-standing machines, which may be more vulnerable to tampering.

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