How To Access your Shared PC Drives and Folders from Android Mobile

How to Access Shared Windows Folders On Android Over WiFi

While talking about the AirDroid for Android the other day, we discussed how you can use the application to manage your phone’s data and files from your PC using a WiFi connection. But what if you want it the other way? What if you wanted to access a folder on your Windows PC on your phone and edit the files present in it?

You all probably know about file sharing in Windows and how it can be used to work on files hosted on different computers using a network connection (LAN or WiFi). Today we will see to use the same principle of file sharing and access files shared on your Windows PC on your Android.

Access your Shared PC Drives and Folders from Android  Mobile is very cool. If you are connected with wifi network, so you can access your shared computer drives and folders from any mobile. You can use this feature for browsing computer files, watching movies and copy computer data to android mobile. IN LAN, you can access other computer drives and folder from another computer. That’s the same thing here we do with our android mobile.

Access your Shared PC Drives and Folders from Android  Mobile

Make sure your PC and android mobile connected with same wifi. If you have a laptop without the router you can create the wifi hotspot from your laptop for connecting your android mobile with laptop wifi. Now connect your mobile.

# 1 If you want to share a  whole drive then right-click on the drive and select properties.

Drive Properties

Go to Sharing Tab and click on Advanced sharing.

Sharing in Windows Drive

Now second window open, ticks on share this folder. Now your whole drive on sharing.

Share this Folder

# 2 Download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. Open App and Click on 3 line buttons that shown in below screenshot.screenshot_2015-05-12-18-54-42_05_17_2015

#3 Now Go to Network Section and Click on LAN.

LAN in ES File Explorer

#4 New Windows Open, Click on New and Fill the form.

PC Username is your Computer name and Password is your computer login password.

ES File Explorer LAN

If you don’t what is your computer local IP. Open CMD and type ipconfig , press enter.

Computer IP Address

#5 Click on ok, Now you access your Shared Computer Drive and Folder from Android Mobile with the help of Es File Explorer.

Access Computer Drives in Android Mobile

You can use this method for watching PC movies in android mobile. You can also stream your all PC music to android mobile.

Video Tutorial:

This feature of ES File Explorer has made me fall in love with it. Now I can work on my computer while roaming in the house or while having a cup of coffee on the balcony… I just need the phone. So do try it out and mobilize your work.

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