How to see anyone’s Hidden friends list in facebook with facebook friends mapper.

Today Facebook give us lots of security and privacy option in our account. We can hide our friend list on facebook, so one cant see our friend list on facebook from our timeline. But what If I told you is there a trick on the internet available for see hidden facebook friends list.

With this trick, you can see hidden list of facebook friends if any of your friends hide his facebook friend list. Here we use a chrome extension for this task.

Facebook Friends Mapper permits you to uncover the companion arrangements of the individuals who have no less than one common companion with you. basically scan to your objective’s profile, and click “Reveal Friends”. the procedure may take a few moments, depends on the amount of friends your target has.

1. Download Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Web Store.

2. Add this extension to your Chrome Browser.

3. Now open your Facebook account in your browser.

4. Open the facebook profile of friend whose hide list of his friends.and choose reveal friends option as shown in fig..(for this task i am choosing my own brothers profile)

5. When you open his Facebook profile, you see Reveal Friends option in the section of Friends category.

6. Click on that, now this chrome extension scan all of his friends and show you list of all facebook friends like this.

This is one of the best Facebook traps for facebook client who need to see other facebook friends list. This trap works in just chrome program. Download most recent variant of chrome program for utilizing this trap as a part of your PC.


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