Methods To Boost Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Easily

 Data transferring has an important role in our day today life. Among this data transfer from computer to any external drive such as pen drive or memory card had a main role. So i decided to provide you some tricks and tips to increase the speed of USB pen drive. I am here gonna share an article about the topic How To Increase Pen Drive Data Copying Speed.

In our today’s home every persons home comes with a computer, and some of them are using high specifications computer/laptop and some of them are using low end specification computers. They suffer a lot about their computer speed and lagging problem. They felt very difficult while copying something to pen-drive or something back to computer from pen drive. The transferring speed will be much low. For them, and average speed users i am here bringing the awesome trick for making a solution to this problem.

How To Speed Up And Boost Your Computer/Laptop Copying Speed

I am providing some tweaks made to be change on your computer and at-last your computer will be better speed than earlier. After following this trick your copying speed will be like a blast and may come upto 50-100 Mbps speed according to your PC specifications capacity.

There are many factors which depend upon your computer copying speed such as File Allocation Table Of Your Pendrive, Files type, OS and hardware performance, Device policy and some other factors. All i going to do is making some little changes in it to optimize the data copying speed of your pen drive.

So let’s start the process of tweaking the steps to increase data transfer speed of your pen drive.

Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed

Method #1. File Allocation Table Of Your USB Pendrive

How To Boost Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Easily

This method is made by making a simple change on your pen drive and to make optimized better file system for a blasting speed. You have to format your pendrive for doing this trick.

Here is the steps,

#1. Plug in your Pen Drive to the computer.

#2. Right click on the pen drive in My Computer.

#3. Now select the properties and click on format.

#4. Choose the file system type as NTFS.

#5. Click on format and wait for some seconds to complete it.

Now you pen drive copying speed will be better than before.

( Make sure your data is backup already in your pen drive )

Method #2. Device Policies

How To Boost Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Easily

By altering some policies in the pen drive properties you can have little bit speed in your pen drive.
For this follow the below steps,

#1. As like above, plug your pen drive into your computer.

#2. Right click on it and select properties.

#3. Select on the hardware tab and you can see many drivers.

#4. After that select your drive and and again click on properties.

#5. Now on that select on change settings.

#6. After that select the policy tab and tick on better performance option there.

#7. Click on OK.

Simple, after making these changes you will able to make some better speed than before.

Method #3. Installing Tera Copy Software.

How To Boost Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Easily

This is a simple software which will replace the default copying software of windows. After installing this you can see drastic change in your copying speed. This because of the this software gains some ram and processing power to this software and make some better speed. You can download this software from below link.

Here are some features of Tera copy,

  • Asynchronous copy speeds up in tera copy software and reduce the copying time.
  • You can pause and continue the copying with this software.
  • While in any worse case, if the copying will be error, this software makes the maximum effor to continue the copying without being terminating the data transfer.
  • You can analyse the list of failed data transfers and you can resend them to the desired path.
  • Download Tera-Copy

Method #4. System Performance

How To Boost Your Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Easily

Here is the most depending factor for all of the above methods. If you computer comes with high end specifications, then surely you data transfer speed will be more than high. Simply analyze your system specification by going your system properties. for this,

#1. Right click on My Computer

#2. Select Properties.

Now analyse your system specifications. By increasing the ram or upgrading to a high processor like Intel i7 will surely brings a lot of speed.


Completed!! Here are the simple methods you can do to increase your computer pen drive data transfer speed by altering some changes on your pc. So here we completed the tutorial about the topic How To Increase Your Computer Data Transfer Speed Easily. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have something to ask us, use the comment system below. Happy Day 🙂

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