How To Combine Facebook Profile Picture And Cover Photo

Whenever we hear the word social network, the first thing that instantly pops up in our head is Facebook. Facebook is without a doubt, the biggest social networking site on earth. It is one of the main reasons that got the masses to join the internet. Facebook has the highest active user base and no […]

Best 10 operating systems(OS) for Hackers/pentesting.

So today I come up with the operating systems that hackers used for hacking. The top on this list is the Kali Linux which has almost all type of hacking tools that are totally free for everyone. All operating systems are based on Linux kernel, we know the reason behind this fact, that Linux is […]

Increase the speed of Internet by using cheat engine

you can hack your internet speed by using a small software called cheat engine. click here to download the cheat engine By using this program you can hack net speed,download speed,torrent speed,facebook games,pc games etc. step 1: first open cheat engine and click on moniter icon step 2: now click on firefox.exe and open step […]

Droid VPN Premium Account 2017

Droid VPN Premium Account 2017 :Droid VPN is an android app. It is an app which virtual private network on android device. The Droid VPN is mainly now used for free internet tricks because most of the tricks are working on UDP protocol like Airtel free internet trick, bsnl internet trick, Aircel internet trick and […]

What Song is This ? Find What Song is Playing

What song is this ? Have this ever happened to you when you are out at a café with your friends or in a car driving back home, and there is some beautiful melody playing, and you missed out the lyrics? Oh, Wait wait…!!!! I know that song, but I cannot recall which song is […]

Best 8 Tricks To Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery Life !

Tricks To Maximize Your Linux Laptop Battery: Battery backup is the most important thing which decides the value of any Laptop, PC’s, Mobile phones etc. In the today’s running world we all want the higher battery backups in our devices. You can save battery life in Linux laptops easily. You just need to follow up […]

How Do Hackers exploits CCTV Private camaras.

Step 1: Download Angry Ip Scanner Angry Ip scanner is powerful GUI Port scanner . Angry Ip scanner available for all major OS. Download and Install Angry ip scanner Step 2: Choose Ip Address Range Its important that how to choose proper ip address range for CCTV camera hacking. CCTV cameras are connected with broadband […]