4 methods to hack group admin of whatsapp

Just a simple instructions to specifically change whatsapp group admin. Method 1: This will change every group, account info and settings. Your old number will no longer become admin. 1. open whatsapp 2. go to settings (whatsapp setting) 3. go to account 4. go to change number (if you did not see this, you are […]

Warning! This Malware Is More Powerful Than WannaCry

EternalRocks is the new and powerful virus that has just been discovered by Croatian cybersecurity expert Miroslav Stampar, who claims to be more powerful than WannaCry, the ransomware that infected computers in more than 150 countries in mid-May. This new worm contains at least seven “exploits” that supposedly would come from the US National Security […]

How to turn of any android phone remotly by sending SMS

Android phone is having lots of abilities and most important is you can add more features or your own built one. Rooting android phone increases its features beyond the limit. There are many after rooting tricks available for almost any android device. People are often interested in hacking or spying tricks and android is not […]

(100+) Best Proxy Servers To Access Blocked Websites In colleges & Offices

How to access blocked websites is a frequently asked question nowadays. Almost most of us normally face the situation when we try to access a particular website like Orkut, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and any other blocked websites from school, college or office we get the message at the browser which normally says “This Website is […]

Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

Over the past few months, TrueCaller has helped us in tracing the mobile number well ahead in advance, before picking up the phone. Yes, it is of great use and when we get spam call notification, we can disconnect the call or don’t pickup the same. How TrueCaller guess who is calling? When some smart phone user install TrueCaller app […]

How to Use a Hidden Dark Theme for (Almost) Everything in Windows 10

With Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Microsoft now offers a dark theme–known as “dark mode”. This option was previously hidden and could only be enabled with a registry hack. Now, it’s a simple toggle. There’s just one catch: it doesn’t apply to every Windows application. But we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get your whole desktop (or […]

How To Recover all(Shift+del) files with single click

Sometimes we delete the files permanently, and realize that deleting them is like a Blunder… For all those folks, Here is the solution Software called “Kissass Undelete” , can bring those files from the hard disk or your flash drive. Conditions : Only if the data on that drive is not re-occupied(or written). that means […]