10 Must-Have Android Apps For Programmers [2017]

An android smartphone can do wonders in the life of a programmer. Imagine the situations when you have to mess with the codes and you don’t have the machine that can do that or you want to learn more about coding in your free time. Sometimes working on-the-go is must-needed if deadlines are approaching or […]

10 Ways a “Dumb” Phone is Better Than a Smartphone

There are 500 million smart phone users in the world today. But, there are 6 billion cell phone subscribers in the world. A short round of mental math reveals that there are around 5.5 billion dumb phone users in the world. “Dumb phone,” “Feature phone,” and “Basic Phone.” These are all the names that non-smart […]

How To Backup Data In Windows 10 Using File History?

Windows’ File History is one of the easiest ways to automatically back up your data files and it even lets you go back in time to retrieve earlier versions of them. However, this helpful feature, which is avilable in Windows 8 and 10, is turned off by default. To use File History, you’ll need a […]

Common Uses of F1-F12 keys in Windows

You might be Using Windows since long time but i am sure majority of you guys don’t know all the features and Uses of F1-F12 keys on your keyboard. We all know Common shortcuts like CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste, But you might not know what F1, F2,F3…….F12 keys actually do and where and when […]

Hack Android, iPhone And PC Connected On Same Wifi Network

Hack any android mobile, iPhone, windows pc or any router that is on same wifi network with hacking apps of android to hack all the devices on same wifi network to get all the accounts passwords by man in middle attack for beginners. Start here to learn basic hacking by hacking from android mobile phone. […]

1000 Popular Hacking tricks tutorials

I am going to share you 1000 hacking tricks collections ,these are the best and popular hacking tricks These tutorials are supported by windows vista, seven, and xp (still lots of people using this os) you will also get some knowledge article related to networking, how to become a hacker, and lots of stuffs related […]

Top 10 Most Popular Wi-Fi Hacking Tools

We have discussed a lot about hacking in our previous articles. We talked about about How to become hacker, why programming is important for hacker, how to hack social networking sites, and how to hack passwords etc. But We haven’t discussed much about Wi-Fi hacking. Although, this is the most asked question ‘How to hack […]