How To Find Any Saved WiFi Passwords On Android

  WiFi is the fastest medium for accessing the internet but not always free. WiFi is easily available, and the mobile data charges are increasing day by day, becoming affordable, and affordability is a factor in which WiFi is relevant as compared to mobile data and it is also very fast. But, the most annoying […]

Top 5 Free Android Apps To Learn Hacking From Your Phone

In our previous article, we have mentioned 10 best android applications for programmers. These Android applications can help you to increase your programming knowledge and coding practice. In this article, I am going to share top 5 Android applications to Learn Hacking from your mobile phone. Many people are using smartphones for study purpose and […]

How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2017 With Video Tutorial

Bypass iCloud Activation 2017 : Well you must be know about the Find my iPhone feature in the iOS which helps you to find your stolen iDevice easily. Using this feature you can set up lock which is knows as iCloud Lock so, that other people who stolen you device cannot access your device. In […]

This $5 Device Can Hack Password-Protected Computers In Just 30 Seconds

The new $5 device known as PoisonTap, created by hacker and developer Samy Kamkar, can even break into password-protected computers, as long as there’s a browser open in the background. It costs hackers just $5 and only 30 seconds to hack into any computer. Samy Kamkar has devised a cheap exploit tool, this time that […]

How To Increase RAM of Your Android Phone Using Memory Card

Most of the Android users must have faced insufficient RAM issue while playing big games or running a high-end application. Most of the time phone gets hang and you have to restart it. Unlike physical storage, It is not possible to upgrade the smartphone RAM. But, in this article, I will provide the solution to […]

High-Severity Linux Sudo Flaw Allows Users to Gain Root Privileges

A high-severity vulnerability has been reported in Linux that could be exploited by a low privilege attacker to gain full root access on an affected system. The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2017-1000367, was discovered by researchers at Qualys Security in Sudo’s “get_process_ttyname()” function for Linux that could allow a user with Sudo privileges to run commands […]

This Is How to Tell if Someone’s Been ‘Stalking’ Your Facebook

If you spend your time on Facebook checking out people’s pages in the comforting knowledge that no one can see what you’re doing – then we’ve got news for you…you might be about to get caught.  Checking out what the ex is up to, or how that annoying friend from school is doing, or just […]