How to Lock Photos and Videos with Password in Windows 10

Most of us have personal files, photos and documents on our Windows which we do not want to share with our friends when they are using your PC. While Windows does not offer any default option to lock a folder with a password, there are many third party tools which allows you to lock photos […]

Autosaver: This Totally free Tool Immediately Hits ‘CTRL+S’ And Stops Data Reduction In Home windows

For the folks who regularly reduce their function progress within Windows because of silly factors, the Autosaver  tool simply by door2windows could be a life saver. Autosaver  can strike the CTRL+S option from regular time periods for different applications and software program in Home windows. This helps you retains their particular data in the event […]

Snake Malware Modified; OS X The Next Target

The security researchers at Fox-IT have discovered a modified version of the previously known snake malware. A version specifically designed to target MacOS. Still not sure what snake malware is? Well, it also goes by the name of Turla, Agent.BTZ and Uroburous. Sounds familiar now? Previous Victims: As per reports, the snake malware was previously […]

Beware! Hackers Can Steal Your Windows Password Remotely Using Chrome

A Google Chrome vulnerability allows hackers to steal people’s Windows login credentials and launch SMB (Server Message Block) relay attacks, according to security experts. The attack technique that can allow credential theft is a combination of two different techniques, one of which was borrowed from the Stuxnet campaign and the other from a technique demonstrated […]

Beware of the fake WhatsApp URL that claims to change color theme, it’s an adware

We all know how popular is WhatsApp is. Basically, as it is one of the most popular chat messaging applications in the world many tricksters and cyber criminals use the WhatsApp platform to scam people as well as unknowingly installing unwanted applications or malware. And further, the scam messages also tell us to forward the […]

Top Operating Systems For Hackers 2017 (Best Hacking OS)

Here are Top 14 Best Operating Systems that are used by hackers in 2017. Have you ever wondered which is the conventional operating system for Hacking and Pentesting? Operating system concentrated on security is forever a hacker’s best friend. Therefore, we have assembled a list of the best operating systems that are frequently used for […]

MP3 Officially DEAD – Parents Of MP3 Terminate Licensing & Support

If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, you probably still remember downloading MP3 files to build your music collection, and burning up to 10 times as many of these onto audio discs than you could with traditional CD tracks. MP3, the legendary audio coding format for digital audio, which people born in […]