Top sites to improve your coding skills and make money while you’re at it

Programming is one of the most requested skills nowadays but It wasn’t easy to improve. At least, some years ago we didn’t have necessary tools to practice without being advised by someone with better knowledge about the topic.But those times passed and we can learn from the internet with a lot of tools that check our code and put us in contact with other developers. This is a real good method to share knowledge and discover better ways to solve coding problems.

While the resources to learn coding online are numerous, what most beginners forget, is the need to practice. Learning how to code is a critical first step but practicing that coding is an equally essential step towards honing your skill sets. From getting better at your language of choice, to picking up innovative coding techniques to challenging your limits, practice is essential and today we’ll cover a few sites designed for this purpose.


With a million strong community that gives you daily and weekly coding challenges, TopCoder is one of the first sites that come to mind when talking about coding challenges. The challenges are known to be tough and require a lot of time and dedication to get through.


Another recommended website to hone those coding skills. It provides a platform for automated assessment of technical and logical skills of candidates alongside acting as a developer aggregation and selection platform to enable organizations to find the best software developer to suit their needs. You need to sign up a week before they put out their challenges and therefore, you will have the week to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

One added bonus of this site, is for individuals who wish to expand their horizons beyond competing and coding challenges and setting up their own hackatons by means of HackerEarth’s Sprint services.


This website has developed a lot since it got mass public backing via a Kickstarter campaign. The site has been designed for beginners and intermediate developers so those who might find the previous entries in out list a little too difficult might be well served by checking this one out. Since its initial launch by Daniel Borowski in 2012, the website has grown to have a decent & dedicated developer community.

Project Euler

This is one of the most popular coding sites on this list with about a 100,000 dedicated developer community. You get a new challenge every week that have been built to not be very hard, rather involve critical thinking and problem solving. This website will aid you in rising up the ranks of your coding abilities.


CodeChef was created with the goal of challenging and engaging the developer community by building a platform for developers to practice, compete and improve. It already contains a massive collection of problems to get you started and also lets you access the source codes of other developers who have solved the problems already. You can expect a new coding competition every single week here.

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