Quickest Method To Update Your Phone To ‘Android O’ Without Root Access

Google recently launched the developer preview of Android O. Being a developer preview, the user might face some bugs but don’t worry it is very much stable. With the launch of Android O, Google has introduced some great security features with many cool UI changes as well. The developer preview is currently available on Google Pixel, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P but soon more devices will be added to the supported list. Note that your device need not be a rooted device, as this is a stock firmware so it can be installed without root access. First of all, you’ll have to confirm that your device supports Android O or not. Google have made an official announcement about the supported list of Android O. So before moving on, go to this link and check if your device is supported and if it supports your device then you are good to go. Here in this post we are going to tell you about the best way to upgrade Android to Android O without rooting. So, let’s get started.

  • Once you have checked that your mobile is listed in the supported models list, just click on the firmware link of your device. After that agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to download.

Click on the firmware link of your device

  • Now download the USB drivers file. USB Drivers are necessary because they will let us connect the device to PC without any problems. If you don’t have latest USB drivers installed, then you should consider upgrading them. Download the USB drivers from here. It doesn’t matter which device you are running on the drivers as it can be used all around.
  • Download the fastboot drivers: Download the fastboot drivers from here.
  • Now extract all the folders you have downloaded.
  • Extract all of them separately.

  • Power off the device. Don’t forget to take all the backup of your data before starting this procedure, because all of your data is going to get wiped.
  • Once the device is powered off, go into the fastboot mode.
  • To go into fastboot mode, press and hold the volume down and power off button together. The device will vibrate once.

Once the device is powered off, go into the fastboot mode.

  • This screen will show up once the device enters into the fastboot mode.
  • Once the device is in that mode, connect it with PC via USB cable.
  • Copy the required files from firmware directory.
  • Jump to ‘firmware’ folder and copy ‘bootloader-YOURFILENAME’, ‘image-bullhead-YOURFILENAME’ and ‘radio-bullhead-YOURFILENAME’. (YOURFILENAME: will be according to your device).
  • Paste the copied file in the fastboot directory.

Paste the copied file in the fastboot directory.

  • Now install the USB drivers.
  • Now open CMD
  • Jump to the ‘fastboot’ directory and open cmd, pressing the shift key and right mouse click together will give you the option to open the command prompt.

Now open CMD...

  • Open cmd and input the following commands one by one.
  • Enter the bold text in the cmd prompt.

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-XYZ.img
Replace bootloader-XYZ.img with your bootloader filename.
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash radio radio-XYZ.img
Replace radio-XYZ.img with your radio filename.
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot -w update image-XYZ.zip
Replace image-XYZ.zip with your image filename.
fastboot reboot

Certain errors that you might face are:

  1. The bootloader is not updated: If you are facing this issue just update the device to the latest firmware update. Go into the settings and update the device with the official update.
  2. The device is unlocked: If cmd is showing the error of device is locked. Just search how to unlock your particular device on Google.

Once done your device will boot into Android O…and then you can remove then USB. Congratulations, you’ve installed Android O successfully.

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